Industrial Chimney Inspection

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Industrial Rope Access Solutions

Rope access offers cost-effective and quick solutions for a number of industrial chimney stack, smokestack, tank & silo, tower, and tall structure services.

Rope access remains a great choice for service, repair, inspection, erection & demolition services for industrial chimneys and smokestacks. Allowing technicians to work at extreme heights, and in tight or difficult-to-reach spaces, rope access provides a cost-effective, quick, and often easy solution for large industrial structures. These innovative methods answer the need for a simple, safe, and adaptable way to reach challenging locations.

Our rope access experts utilize these techniques to handle a range of services, including:

  • Tall Structure Repair, Cleaning & Inspection
  • Safety Standby
  • Smokestack Maintenance & Repair
  • Industrial Chimney Maintenance & Repair
  • Painting & Coating
  • Liner Installation & Replacement
  • Tanks / Silos / Vessels
  • Access Ladder & Platform Installation & Repair

Industrial Access, Inc. has mastered the task of masonry and industrial smoke stack repair, and we have the technical skills & experience necessary to handle jobs that require specific expertise, such as industrial smoke stack lead abatement, lightning protection, steeplejack services, aircraft warning light systems and all safety-related equipment. We also offer rigging and lifting services executed with precise planning rapid mobility, high angle rescue capabilities, plus offshore rope access services.

Industrial Chimney Inspections

Using Rope Access to Perform Industrial Chimney Inspections & Testing Saves Money

Having regular industrial chimney and smokestack inspections can help avoid costly, unscheduled outages that are caused by faulty or deteriorating stacks. Industrial Access provides Class I, Class II, and Class III inspections using our innovative and cost-effective rope access methods.

Our inspection services include:

  • Climbing Inspections of the Interior & Exterior
  • Binocular & Telephoto Zoom Video Inspections
  • Recorded, CC Television Smokestack Inspections
  • NDT Testing Services
  • Structural Analysis
  • Post Inspection Reports with Photo Documentation
  • Repair Recommendations

We will provide examination of:

  • Brickwork & Mortar
  • Protective Coatings
  • Liner Systems
  • Breachings& Ducts
  • Access Ladders & Rails
  • Access Platforms
  • Guywires
  • Structural Support Steel
  • Steel Embedments
  • Lightning Protection Systems

Industrial Access provides thorough industrial chimney & smokestack inspection services along with structural testing for chimney and stack building materials, such as concrete, brick, steel, & FRP (fiber reinforced polymer). We are also prepared to assess breaching ducts, tanks, silos, and other industrial structures using rope access techniques.

NDT Testing / Structural Testing - Industrial Chimney - Stack

Choose NDT services by rope access technicians for accurate and quick answers on structural integrity testing.

The structural integrity of industrial chimneys and smokestacks can be affected by a number of stressors, including regular temperature excursions, corrosive chemical attacks from exhaust, wind loading, environmental factors, and more. Since most NDT methods are comparatively inexpensive and generally require little to no facility outages, they are a popular choice for identifying vulnerabilities in a structure. Industrial Access employs a number of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods for determining problems with structural integrity. These include:

  • Schmidt Hammer Testing
  • Laser Surveys
  • Hot Camera Inspections
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection

Call our professional rope access crew today to ensure that your stack’s structural integrity is up to par. Chemical & flue gas degradation will thin and weaken construction materials in short work so it’s important to regularly monitor structural integrity to keep your industrial chimney or smokestack from collapsing or becoming inefficient and unsafe.

Industrial Chimney Repairs

Industrial chimney stack repairs can be handled quickly and effectively with rope access methods.

Industrial Access, Inc. provides repair for concrete, steel, brick, and fiberglass smokestacks and chimneys. Small problems like hairline cracks, liner deterioration, shrinkage crevices, and concrete spalling can quickly turn into major and costly repairs, addressing these issues with a professional rope access team is critical. Industrial Access is a one-source industrial chimney repair company that offers cost-effective repair solutions for plant owners & facility managers. From brick industrial chimneys to concrete, steel, or fiberglass chimneys, our expert rope access technicians will repair & restore your structure.

Count on our team to offer:

  • Structural Repairs
  • Industrial Chimney Cap & Rain Hood Installation & Replacement
  • Liner Inspection, Repair, and Replacement
  • Ladder, Rail, & Platform Repair or Replacement
  • Guywire Inspections & Tensioning
  • Lightning Protection System Repair
  • Gunite Liner Installation
  • Corrosion Control & Repair
  • Coating & Painting Services

Our cost-effective structural repair solutions help to avoid future failures by correcting deficiencies instead of covering them up.

Safety Improvements at Industrial Plants / Manufacturing Facilities

Remember to schedule regular inspections for safety features like ladders, cages, gates and access platforms or walks.

Consistent exposure to weather conditions and environmental events create a corrosive environment for access components like ladders, safety cages, platforms, and rails. If regular inspections and maintenance on these safety features are ignored, hazardous conditions can develop. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has strict standards regarding ladders, walks, and safety cages, so it’s necessary to make sure that your structures are meeting regulations to avoid injuries or fines.

We offer replacement ladders and safety cages from Grainger & Carbis, along with rest platforms, swing gates, ladder cages, security covers, death climbs, roof hatch grab bars, and more. Our goal is to ensure that our clients remain OSHA compliant. We coordinate with facilities to inspect these access components and identify areas of vulnerabilities like cracks, rust, or breaks, or corrosion. Our team will custom engineer a solution that will address everything from industrial chimneys to steel stacks, to tanks, towers, silos, and more.

Our highly trained technicians can safely repair, weld, remount, or replace dilapidated vertical access ladders, safety climbs, safety cages, fall safety systems, and platform railings. These simple safety improvements are often overlooked, so let our experts help you maintain them.

Industrial Painting & Coatings - Smokestack - Industrial Chimney

Rope access allows our technicians to prep, prime, and paint or coat industrial chimney stacks and smokestacks.

Industrial Access, Inc. utilizes the speed and flexibility of rope access methods to offer painting and coating services that are quick and economical. From adding FAA regulation marking and paint colors to large industrial chimneys to branding & painting company lettering on smokestacks, our high angle project crew will clean, prep, and paint your structure quickly and efficiently, saving facility owners time and money. We also provide coating services for stacks, tanks, silos, and water towers to promote corrosion control and keep your industrial structures looking new.

Industrial Chimney & Smokestack Painting – Process of Painting

  • Wash & Prep the Surface
  • Weld Plates, Fill Voids, Fix Concrete Cracks, Etc.
  • Prime Surface
  • Apply Paint or Coating to Seal Primer & Substrate

A quality paint job will prevent corrosion from environmental elements and corrosive flue gases, prevent water penetration which can cause rebar to corrode and concrete to spall or crack, and keeps facilities compliant with FAA regulations for low flying aircrafts.

Chimney Stack Liners

 Industrial chimney stack liners come in a range of materials including refractory brick, gunite, vinyl ester resin, and borosilicate block.

A good liner system will provide unparalleled corrosion resistance, long-lasting durability, high temperature strength, and emission compliance. Our expert installers, custom engineered solutions, and commitment to high quality service, makes us the company of choice for all gunite refractory, borosilicate block, refractory brick, and vinyl ester resin lining system installations, maintenance, and repairs.

Industrial Access, Inc. can install a lining system during new stack or chimney construction or can retrofit a lining system into a current structure.

IA offers the following liner system installations:

  • Refractory Brick
  • Gunite Refractory Coatings
  • Vinyl Ester Resin
  • Borosilicate Block

Properly installed industrial chimney & smokestack liners will help plants benefit from reduced energy cost, require less maintenance, and emit fewer harmful gases into the surrounding atmosphere.  Using our innovative techniques, we are able to work on short schedule shutdowns while still maintaining the highest level of safety and quality for every chimney liner we install.

Industrial Chimney & Stack Demolition

When it comes to industrial chimney stack and smokestack demolition, our rope access team does it all.

Whether a facility needs a partial demo or a full demolition service with clean up, we are your industrial demo experts. Our goal is to make short work of even the tallest chimneys and stacks. Whether your industrial chimney is brick, concrete, or FRP, you can count on IA’s top rated demolition service.

If your stack has reached a certain point of degradation or was affected by a seismic event or other environmental factor, it can only take a strong wind gust to topple a stack. It’s imperative to address the need for demolition immediately to keep your facility safe, efficient, and to code.

IA is able to utilize rope access & innovative rigging techniques to remove structures when large construction equipment is not practical. Not only is this method quicker and less expensive than traditional explosives and heavy equipment, but it’s safer and often less invasive to production schedules.

Ductwork at Industrial Plants / Manufacturing Facilities

Rope access technicians inspect and service breeching ducts and ductwork at industrial plants and facilities.

When it comes to regular maintenance, ductwork is often overlooked. Over time, accumulation of solid particles like fly ash, salt cake, and dust / dirt can decrease ventilation capacity. This will impair the function of pollution control equipment and even speed up corrosion. Our experienced technicians utilize rope access techniques to perform inspections and repairs on economizer and recovery boiler breeching ducts and most types of industrial ductwork.

Whether your facility requires breaching duct inspections or ductwork cleaning and repair, Industrial Access, Inc. is here to help. When cleaning or maintenance to ductwork is required, our team will quickly mobilize to get the project completed with minimal impact and interruption to production schedules.

Here’s a list of ductwork services we provide:

  • Climbing Inspections
  • Industrial Rope Access
  • Hardware Installation
  • Pressure Washing
  • Structural Repairs
  • Repair holes and cracks
  • Replace insulation and legging
  • Install or repair access doors and hatches

Aviation Warning Light Systems

Rope access professionals provide Aviation Warning Light repair, installation & refurbishment on tight timelines.

Industrial Access, Inc. provides a full range of services for Aviation Warning Light / Obstruction Lighting Systems, from repairs to lamp replacement, to installation, refurbishment, and more. Quick response is critical when an alarm occurs. Even if just a single beacon goes into alarm, a Notice to Airmen must be filed within 30 minutes. The FAA gives facilities 14 days to repair the beacon, otherwise fines will be issued.

Industrial chimneys and smokestacks are large structures that often require some type of markings or lighting to inform low-flying aircrafts of their position. Our knowledgeable staff can not only install a new AWL system, but they can refurbish or replace older systems and fix or replace lamps that stop functioning.

Rope access allows our team of technicians to quickly access and address beacons and lights that need attention. We have experience with many of the major manufacturers, along with a thorough understanding of the different system types, including LED, incandescent, and Xenon strobe lighting.

Chimney Stack Erection & Replacement

Rope access techniques for industrial chimney stack construction services are a quick and effective way to complete erection & replacement projects.

When it comes time to replace a damaged or deteriorating industrial chimney or smokestack, turn to the experts at Industrial Access, Inc. With budget, time constraints, and access difficulties in mine, our engineers will create a custom, cost-effective solution that considers both repair vs. replacement benefits.

Our general process for chimney erection and replacement include:

  • Demolition of existing structure, if necessary
  • Prep of chimney or stack base that new piece / section will be mounted upon
  • Rigging & lifting of new chimney piece / section into place
  • Proper connection of new piece / section based on engineering specifications
  • Paint & coating application, if necessary

Our goal is to build, replace, or repair your industrial chimney or stack in a cost-effective manner that saves you the most money. By offering a thorough inspection, our team will help determine if the structure will need repair, or full demolition and replacement based on its condition and structural integrity.

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